We appreciate Jim McCrery's
continuous support of Goldman School!

Pictured above: Leann Bond, Sam Beech, Jim McCrery, and Janet Parker
September 2015

The Arc Caddo-Bossier's Goldman School & Child Development Center has provided inclusive child care since 1984.  The Jim McCrery Scholarship Fund provides opportunities for The Arc to help families in our community who have children with special needs.

Originally, Congressman Jim McCrery endowed the scholarship fund with $25,000 from McCrery for Congress, plus, $5,000 from his personal funds. He has continued to support this fund, and we are currently accepting additional money from others to establish a strong principle for this scholarship.

You can support this scholarship by contributing to the fund today.  Every dollar raised goes to the Jim McCrery Scholarship Fund.

Janet Parker, Executive Director of The Arc Caddo-Bossier said, "We are thrilled that Congressman McCrery has decided to give such a generous gift to a scholarship fund for Goldman School.  He has been a tremendous advocate for people with disabilities in Louisiana and has worked hard to ensure that people receive the services they need. We hope others will honor him for his many years of service in our community by giving to this important fund."

Many families have been awarded scholarships from the Jim McCrery Scholarship fund.  After the application and selection process is completed twice a year, we are thrilled to give these families life-changing gifts from the scholarship fund.  The families have had challenging times and were in the difficult position of having to pull their children out of the school due to changes in their incomes. 

We are so pleased to be able to share two very special stories with you.  Let’s begin with sweet Skylar.  She was diagnosed with leukodystrophy at the age of one year old.  Her family was told that she would never walk or talk. Skylar showed much improvement while attending Goldman School and began walking with a walker and braces on her feet!

At four years old Keira had already faced many obstacles.  She was born at 23 weeks weighing only one pound and two ounces and was 11 inches long.  Keira has been given numerous diagnoses including developmental delay, chronic lung disease, and hyperplasia of the right cerebellar hemisphere. Attending Goldman School had a huge impact on her life.  She was diagnosed with Autism in July of 2008 prior to starting Goldman the next month.  In December of 2008 her neurologist retracted the Autism diagnosis because Keira had made drastic improvements in her social and behavioral skills.

The Jim McCrery Scholarship was established for Goldman School and Child Development Center, a program of The Arc Caddo-Bossier, and is located at 351 Jordan Street, Shreveport, LA.

Thank you for your support of this scholarship fund!