"During our time of learning and growth and development, the staff, teachers and administration at this one-of-a-kind place have made a world of difference for my son, Wyatt, and for me, a first-time mother faced with many confusing and frustrating choices. Goldman School has worked with us through a most difficult time in our lives. The encouragement, skills, and knowledge that you all brought to our battle with Wyatt’s development has been nothing short of a miracle. I wish there was some better way to express the very deep appreciation we hold for each one of you, but a heartfelt THANK YOU is the best I can do today. This school will hold a very special place in our hearts, and we will forever sing your praises for all you have done to anyone who will listen. We close with our wish for continued success and growth in this most valuable place. Forever grateful." - Heather and Wyatt Atkins, Lauren and Mike Lancaster, Ann and Thomas Atkins

"Demond Jr. was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at fifteen months.  We searched for a place that would accommodate his needs but at the same time allow him to do everything a boy his age should be doing.  Demond Jr. has improved tremendously since he has been at the Goldman School!  He loves going to school and that has made it more comfortable for us as parents.  We have confidence that our baby will be the best he can be.  We thank God for giving our baby an environment that allows him to be a boy and not just a boy with a disability."  - Mary and Demond Holmes

"Brandon, Darius, and Gabrielle Haley were born prematurely at 26 weeks in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Initially my husband and I realized that Gabrielle had delays in lifting her head and she was referred for phyical therapy at 8 months old.  At about 18 months, we realized the children had delays in walking and talking.  By this time, our family had moved to Shreveport, Louisiana where the children began receiving early intervention services through the Arc of Caddo-Bossier.  In May of 2003, they entered the inclusive childcare program at Goldman School.  In addition to addressing their identified special needs, the children received lots of love and support not only from staff but also from their typically developing peers.

The teachers were loving yet firm.  They were always available for parental questions or concerns and truly had a hand in what was going on with each individual child.  We are currently living in Virginia and as you can see, our beautiful children have blossomed.  Inclusive childcare......what a wonderful concept!" - Teresa and Rod Haley

"A little more than tens years ago, when our oldest son was an infant, I began my long search for quality childcare.  I had done my research, and I had high expectations.  In July 1996, our oldest son started Goldman School, and we've since sent our two younger children to Goldman School too.  We've gotten the quality care that we were looking for ten years ago.  However, our family has gotten so much more than that.  By being exposed to such a diverse group of children our kids have learned to accept and look beyond the differences of other kids.  They don't even think twice about it.  They've learned tolerence, cooperation, and empathy.  I think parents tend to want to put their kids in a bubble to shield them from the rest of the world.  I can't imagine what my kids would've missed had we done that." -Ginger Broussard