Goldman School - Give for Good

What is
Give for Good?

Give for Good is a 24-hour online giving challenge led by The Community Foundation of North Louisiana to raise unrestricted dollars for the nonprofits in our community. It is a day of giving to celebrate the nonprofits in our community and a chance to raise thousands of dollars to make our community even better.

Why Support
Goldman School?

Goldman School is a proven model of quality inclusive child care for children with and without disabilities. Children at Goldman School receive hands-on learning experiences led by a trained staff with over 200 years of experience working with children who have special needs. Goldman School has two trained staff members in every classroom and outstanding teacher-to-student ratios.

Thank you
for your support!

Give for Good donations will be invested into the children’s classrooms for programs, staff salaries, staff training, and special toys and equipment for our children with special needs as well as our children who benefit from being in an inclusive and caring environment.


We appreciate your support!